Thursday, March 17, 2016

Resources For Independence Community Leadership Course

William Elliott and Guide  Dog Leif after graduating Resources for Independence Central Valley Community Leadership Course.
William Elliott stands with Guide Dog Leif
On March 16, 2016. The eleventh cohort of the Resources for Independence Central Valley (RICV) Community Leadership class graduated from the six week long course.

I was there as one of those graduates and it was a great class.

The aim of the class which is being taught in several states and around the world, aims to train people how to be proficient members of Community Brenefit Organizations (CBO's) what many people still call Non-Profit Organizations.

Graduates of this course have learned fundamentals of accounting, the structures of various boards, the importance of accountability and operation of normal and special board meetings both in the public and private sectors.

Over the six weeks we heard presentations from several speakers, including local government administrators, members of Community Business Organizations and also legislative representatives. We also put our new found knowledge into practice, creating our own informal board meetings to practice the themes taken from Robert's Rules of Order.

Graduation was a fun ending to the class, not only did we receive a certificate of completion from RICV but also commendations from local representatives at city, State and Federal Levels. It was a great afternoon for networking too, handing around business cards, discussing where we where going next with this new knowledge was top of most peoples lists as was asking for help with some projects.

Keep an eye out in your own areas, this cclass may be coming to an area near you soon. It is well worth the time to take part if it does.

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