Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lottery Win! Yipppeeeee

A Powerball ticket
A Powerball Ticket
You may remember back in January I mused on the idea of having a large lottery win.

Well I did not win the Billion dollars in that drawing, though it was someone else from California who did. I am glad of that.

I had left the ticket to run through its course, you see I buy my tickets for multiple draws, usually ten  them. That means a tcket runs for about five weeks. There are two Powerball draws per week. This week I forgot to take my old ticket to check at the local lottery sales counter in Save Mart Supermarkets.

Well today I had to go and buy some more  groceries and took my old ticket along with me. I took it to the customer service counter and asked them to check it for me.

Imagine my surprise when they told me that I had won!

I had actually won something. It was a very nice surprise. My winnings were only $20 but that is still a win. My initial investment was returned and it paid for some of the groceries which will feed me for part of this week.

Of course  you may say that it was a waste of money to buy the ticket in the first place. You may be right if that is your opinion. But in return I also get the fun of pondering the what if ...?  question. The very same question which I addressed in my earlier post.

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