Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Birthday to Leif, My Guide Dog.

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Today is a very special day. It is March 30 2013 and it is Leif, my guide dogs fourth birthday.

So Happy Birthday puppy.

I know at four years old he is not a puppy, but as we walk along I often call him pup. It's just one of those little habits I have grown into over the past couple of years.

Today he will work with me again. We have an appointment downtown later. Then he will come home with my wife and I will go to work in the television studio again tonight. I won't be home till almost 9pm so Leif will have had his dinner by then. Not that he won't mind an extra treat before he goes to bed. Well it is only once a year.

Guide Dog Leif is sitting on a bus, Sunlight streams in through a window making his black coat glisten silver.
Guide Dog Leif Between Seats on a Bus.

He has spent the morning sitting beside me here at my computer. Occassionally wandering outside to sunbathe. He usually sits quietly beside me.  He is just that sort of a dog.

He is so quiet and steady  that the other day I had not clipped his leash to his collar properly. As I put on his harness the leash must have pulled off the collar. I stepped outside the front door with Leif in harness beside me, I put down his harness to lock the door and he wandered about six feet away to sit and look back at me.

Only then did I realise that we were not connected by a leash. He just sat calmly as I flustered and found the end of the leash to link it back to his collar.

That is one reason why I just love this big black Labrador named Leif.

Happy Birthday pup.

Here are some good books  about the lives of Guide Dogs

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