Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Design Your Own Chocolate Bar

Have you ever wanted to design your own chocolate bar? Are you tired of never being able to surprise a loved one because you have to take them shopping with you?

This may be your answer.

If you have wondered about  creating your own delicious chocolate bar and would like to give a special chocolate gift, for a birthday, Mother's Day or Christmas or just declare yourself a chocolatier then Chocomize give you the opportunity to create your own chocolate delight on zazzle.

Using the unique customize designer tool on zazzle Chocomize allow you to add a selection of favorite fruits to their chocolate, so for instance you may love strawberries but not want cranberries. Just add the strawberries to your mix and leave out the cranberries  in this dried fruit selection chocolate bar.

Chocomize will make the bar to your specific order, and dispatch it to your home in a few hours for you to enjoy and share.

I love using this service because it is easy to create a simple gift for my wife, in secret.

No more trying to distract her to take me to a store and go away from me while I try to find a store assistant who can help me find the product, and then try to sneak to the checkout before my wife comes back to see her surprise long befor I was able to hide it from her.

Now I can create a gift that she will love, order it simply and in a few days it is at our door.

Secrecy is not compromized, delight is assured and happiness abounds.

Try it for yourself. Click the link above to try the dried fruit selection.

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