Monday, February 22, 2016

I saw a light!

A couple of years ago I lost light perception in my left eye. For a time my retinologist and I even agreed to stop treating the odema (swelling) caused by the central retinal vein oclusion back in 2007.

Last July however my eye was growing painful, and my retinologist and I decided to deal with a new problem in the eye. Neovascularization.

Neovascularization  is the bodies reaction to the loss of blood supply to a part of the body. It is the production of new blood vessels and is a major problem after CRVO, in some cases it can lead to eye pain, glaucoma and the possible need to surgically remove the eye itself. A path that I do not want to go down.

We agreed to treat my eye with an injection of Eye-Leah every four weeks. This series of treatments began in July 2015 and I also had some laser treatment in September to cauterize some of the new blood vessels.

Today I had an eye exam and my seventh injection of Eye-Leah.

I mentioned in recent months to my doctor that I was able to see some light in the extreme left periphery of my left eye. It was not a lot, just a small dot of blurred light.

Today however we were able to talk about some visual disturbances I have been having. A few days ago I was riding in the car at near sunset  and noticed that I was having what appeared to be double vision. I was catching glimpses of clear black shadows of pick-up trucks and eighteen wheelers on the left side of the street.

This despite me only having sight on my  right periphery at the time.

Our conclusion the scan of my retina shows that the swelling behind the retina has reduced markedly.  The visual disturbances as I described them were not truly visual disturbances they are a result of me regaining some vision in  my left eye. It is motion detection, in black and white only but it is real vision.

I do not know if it will lead to permanent retention of vision  we still need to treat the eye to prevent more neovascularization. I am hoping that my brain might adjust to having some motion detection on my left though. Having the double vision and such has left me feeling quite queezy and nauseous riding in a car or on the bus.

But still I'd rather see the light. Any day.

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