Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Do Guide Dogs Follow Instructions in Sign Language?

Several weeks ago, Leif, my guide dog and I were at a presentation on working guide dogs at Madera Fairgrounds here in Central California.

Some of our audience were children from a deaf class. They as most children seem to do loved meeting Leif, he is a very calm dog, and very friendly in crowds.

One of the children asked me if Leif could be told to work using sign language. Other members of his class laughed and said it was a silly suggestion but then I weighed in with the bombshell.

Leif does actually use sign language on many occassions. When we go forward, left or right, I point the way to go. Same with telling him to wait. All are accomplished with their own required hand signal.

Here is a link  to my recent video showing what I mean.

Do you have any questions about blindness or using a guide dog that you would like answered?

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