Wednesday, February 10, 2016

300th Post

Well here we are folks. This is the 300th post on this blog and funnily we just passed the 33,300th visit too.

My first posts on this blog were published on June 1st, 2011. So almost five years have passed us by. I have had some gaps in posting, lots of time there was just no muse to drive me, sometimes there was sickness and a lot of time I was just too lazy to come up with an idea after spending a whole day in work.

Looking back over those almost five years it is hard to see  how I was then. I had better sight then, I could still see through my left eye after injections. I had only surrendered my drivers license a few months earlier. Today my left eye has recovered some light perception after several months of regular injections of Eye-LEA  That was after several months of no light perception in my left eye at all.

I am not saying Eye-Lea is a wonder drug, I cannot do that. I am suggesting that it has merely done the job it is supposed to do and has reduced the iscaemia (swelling ) in my left eye enough to allow some of the retina to work again. The light perception is not all over it is just a little view in about the eleven o'clock position. Sometimes I can see the shadows of objects mostly the shadow is a dimming of the light.

I have tried to post a mix of tech stuff, news, my experiences of day to day life and some humor too.

I have moved home, moving from a small rural town to a much busier life in the city. I now live minutes from my doctors offices where a trip to the doctor used to be a major operation in planning and negotiation. I can now travel to appointments alone with my guide dog. I have learned Grade 1 Braille, how to work with programs such as JAWS and even learned how to work in a television studio. The last one is my own biggest surprise.

I am a member of several committees at my local California Council of the Blind chapter and on one committee of the State organization.

I greatly enjoyed going to the State CCB convention last October as a delegate for my local chapter.
Polly a german shepherd looks directly into the camera.

The biggest change in my life over the last five years has been the death of my pet German Shepherd "Polly" she was nineteen years old. Then a year after losing Polly a young black Labrador came into my life. His name is "Leif" he is not a pet. He is my guide dog partner.

The introduction to using a guide dog was a major change in my life. Leif has given me more mobility and independence. It has also meant that it takes me longer to go about my daily business, but whereever we go, my wife laughs she can find me at the center of any group of young women. Guide dogs definitely tick the box for "Chick magnet" status.
Leif a Black Labrador Retriever looks directly into the camera.

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