Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summers End

Summer will be drawing to a close in a few rapidly shortening days.

What a Summer it has been.

Since May, I have relocated to a new city. Learned a new transport system, two actually both a regular transit and para-transit system. Been active in the job search market. Joined a professional management body, learned some new adaptive technology products, continued learning Braille and on top of all that jumped into the pool to try to learn to swim and also taken up the sword and begun to learn fencing.

I hope all these  items show why I have been a little quiet on my blog over the recent past.

Now however things seem to be settling into a rhythm and gaps are opening in my days which will allow me to come back to my blog and possibly extend my vlog on Youtube too.

Last Night of the  Proms.

Saturday, 9/15/15, saw one of my  favorite evenings of the year. It was 'The Last Night of the Proms', an annual festival of music broadcast on the BBC throughout the summer. 

I used to watch the 'Last Night of the Proms' at home in England, now I listen over my Internet Radio .

'The Last Night of the  Proms' always brought an end to summer for me. My birthday follows soon afterwards, the Bonfire Night was close behind that. Bonfire Night with its smokey air and smell of stale gunpowder. The cool crisp mornings walking through the park collecting conkers as the crisp frost burned on the back of my throat.

I love this time of year as we look towards Autumn all the hopes of the year are now bearing fruit and we can look forward to cooler days.

Symbolic of all this time is what I saw  Saturday. Leif, my guide dog stretch on his back, listening to the music with me.

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