Sunday, May 24, 2015

What Would You Do?

Recently I have been hearing a lot of articles on various blind websites and podcasts about declaring blindness to a new employer.

The arguments seem to go that if you are blind, you should either declare in order to prevent a prospective employer becoming angry at your "non disclosure" at the interview, thus losing you the job.

Or you should  keep silent as long as possible so hoping if the perspective employer doesn't notice you might land the job.

These two views seem legitimate  in the case that many blind people are unemployed. But to me it seems that we as blind or even other disabled people cannot hope to hide our disability indefinitely.

So in my  case for instance. I cannot see well enough to walk down the street without assistance, whether that be my white cane or Leif, my guide dog.

Should I try to hide the fact that I cannot see I would rapidly give the game away by walking into the nearest wall or worse still, the interviewer.

So my dilema becomes cane or dog?

Do I use a cane for the interview or do I go in as I would to work with my dog?

It is tough. There is no right answer. Just opinion.

But in such a case "What would you do?

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