Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wow A Quarter of the Year Gone!

Wow Folks. A quarter of the year has gone by already and this is about my first post since 2015 began.

I promise you all has been well and the only reason for my lack of posts this year is just that I have been very busy.

The end of last year saw me taking up some independent living skills (ILS) lessons, these took up one day per week. I have learned some new things like cooking and cleaning house. Learning to cook again was possibly the best thing. Blindness had brought with it a terror of the cooker, hot plates and ovens are pretty scary when you can't see them. But with the addition of a bump dot or two and a patient teacher things come together in a nice meal.prepared by yours truly. Those ILS classes are now coming to an end.  But I cannot really explain fully what a difference they have made to my life in general.

I also took on a more active role in my membership of my local California Council for the Blind chapter here in Fresno.

In addition to continuing my part time work at my local library, I taught a U.S. Citizenship Preparation class at my local community college, the class went well and was a great deal of fun for all.

Then last but not least, I took a new hobby which shocked some of my wife's friends and family, but one which I enjoy very much. Fencing. More of my new hobby in later posts.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

At Starbucks Drive Through with Leif