Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Visit to the Emergency Room

Last Sunday was an ok day. My wife and I sat watching the last week of the regular football season watching the teams battle out the last minutes of drama.

At the end of the afternoon my wife offered to take my guide dog Leif for a walk. This is ok, he needs an extra bit of excitement after a long day snoozing beside the TV.

As it was getting close to sunset, I decided not to go along. It would have meant no play for Leif as I would need him to guide me as my sight rapidly deteriorates after sunset.

They went out and about one  hour later I heard snuffling at the front door and a shuffle. Leif it turned out had been let loose and ran about like a mad thing. My wife unfortunately had not been able to step aside quite quickly enough.

Leif had hit her below the left knee, knocking her legs from beneath her. She had fallen twisting her ankle badly as she fell.

Leif was quite undeterred and led the way home with my wife shuffling along behind.

By the time they got home her ankle was badly swollen and painful. I harnessed  up Leif and we got my wife to the car and drove to the emergency rooms where she was seen in a few minutes, x-rays taken and the doctor happy there were no fractures prescribed some pain killers and rest.

If however my wife wanted to take a pain pill, she could not be allowed to drive herself home. At which the attending nurse turned to my wife and said "Well your husband can just drive you."

I heard my wife reply in no uncertain terms, "The blind man with a  guide dog?"

"Oh, yes. I see." said the nurse.

All bandaged and on crutches my wife and Leif and I left the emergenccy room. Giggling and enjoying how we might explain that I had been ordered to drive my wife home after an accident with my guide dog to any police or highway patrol officers we might have encountered.