Sunday, December 14, 2014

Get on the Social Scene

The days are getting really short now. I have always liked this time of year. Not because of the long nights but because soon, very soon the days will start to grow longer again.

This season is also party time.

Last week my local chapter of California Council of the Blind had their Christmas party. It was great fun at a local 'Old Spaghetti House' Restaurant.

One thing I highly recommend a blind or visually impaired person to do is to try and join a local group of people like the CCB, various States have their own groups affiliated to the American Council of the Blind or the National Federation of the Blind (NFB)

I only joined the Fresno Chapter of California Council of the Blind in July. To be honest I only heard of the group in June. Now I am only saddened by the not knowing of them beforehand.

Joining with a group of people who share a similar experience is good for you. Some of the members have been blind since birth, some blinded by injury others have progressive visual impairment from a variety of disorders. But the group is very friendly and we have some good meetings.

The fact is blindness is isolating and meeting these people  eases lots of the loneliness of blindness. We laugh at the way sighted people often behave, we share tips on the latest gadgets, it all builds into a positive experience.

For instance last month some of us took in items we use as aids. Some shared their ideas of the latest apps others gave tips on how to arrange basic chores to make them easier.

Because of the group I am even getting to learn my Braille alphabet. The group spreads the social scale from retired to young people, a recently qualified chef to teachers and social workers. All of whom have something special to add to the group.

So if you haven't examined the idea before, as a New Year's Resolution why not take a look at what groups there are in your area.