Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Going For A Low Vision Assessment

I find it a little hard to believe that today, after five years of being legally blind, that today I am actually going for an official low vision assessment test.

You would think a test to see if low vision aids or such might have been attempted before. But I guess in my case this slipped through the cracks of bureaucracy. My problem seems to have been that I just about went blind at the wrong time. Is there ever a good time? That is a rhetorical question and made with tongue firmly in my cheek. But 2009 coincided with a budget crisis here in California as well as the global financial crisis. So put in context, a single man going blind is a little concern for the world.

Anyway at that time I did get some aid $24.00 to buy a white cane. Though the check did not arrive until late 2010, and six hours training on how to use a white cane properly. Eeeek I was so naive about going blind back then it is scary to think of how little it really seemed to have caused me to react.

Anyway, earlier this year, my wife, Leif my guide Dog and I visited The Lighthouse for the Blind in San Francisco, actually to see their gadget store, when we happened to ask about services. We were amazed to find there are real services out there, provided with the help of a wide circle of advisory groups, from Orientation and Mobility (O & M) through instruction in cooking and daily living skills, to workplace training to help you keep your job or find another job.

This all begins with a visit to the Department of Rehabilitation here in California.

We all went to the Department of Rehabilitation back at the beginning of July. But the reception we got there was less than helpful, so as we live in Fresno County a trip to Valley Center for the Blind seemed to be the order of the day. Inspired it seemed at the time.

In fact we got to see an advisor from the  Department of Rehabillitation within 24 hours rather than the 6 weeks or more promised at the D. of R. itself.

Then we got to fill in the required forms with the advisor, who is also blind, and her assisstant.

Now just over three months later, the work is bearing fruit, today sees me having a low vision assessment, soon I will be having training in the workplace and  daily living skills training.

This part of the blog is sure to expand. As I will be taking you along with me to some of the training sessions with me.

 To read more see The Result of the Low Vision Assessment.

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