Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fantasy Football

This week-end sees an important face off for Williame andGuide Dog  Leif.

"You see we joined the NFL Fantasy League. Just a little private league, four teams. My wife plays a team too and we have a fun team between us." said William today

"But for Leif and I this Sunday sees us in a full blown battle as Leif's team based around the San Francisco 49ers, meets my team based around the Chicago Bears in both our fantasy league and in real life."

Leif the Guide dog, looks william in the eye as William snarls for the camera. Leif the black Labrador wears a red neckerchief and William wears a Chicago Bears uniform shirt.
Leif on Left, calmly observes as William dressed in Bears uniform shirt snarls for the benefit of the camera.

Leif is coming off week one of the fantasy season with a lead of 107 points to William's 84 points.

Guide Dog Leif was his usual calm self at this mornings meeting. Commenting only by licking the face of the opposing coach. This was seen by onlookers as a promise to give William's team a good licking on the field on Sunday.

Guide Dog Leif licks William briskly in a manner which suggests his team motivation style for Sundays game
"Come on for a good licking"

In an interview after the meeting William exclaimed that : "It is something when I am being beaten in this game by my Guide Dog! Maybe it is time for me to show him who is the boss. "

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