Friday, September 26, 2014

Fantasy Football and other Stories⌠█

You know your in trouble as a human being when suddenly your dog is beating you at fantasy football, when you go to a restaurant and people ask to pose with your guide dog in a photograph and your guide dog is invited to your local middle school soccer team practices because he walked over the pitch one day and the team won so he is now their lucky mascot.

I never imagined that these things would ever come to pass one year ago, as I waited anxiously for the 21st October to come around.

Then my guide dog would just be a guide, I could go out and work with him or her. Life would stay the same but get a little better.

Now life is completely different. Despite the Chicago Bears beating the San Franciscco 49ers the other week, Leif still won our Fantasy game and we are now going into week four with Leif at 3 wins to my 3 losses.

Last week-end my wife, Leif and  I were waiting to go into a restaurant for a meal and a complete stranger said how handsome he is. Then asked to have my wife  take a photograph of Leif and their party. So Leif is definitely gaining celebrity status.

Most fun though,  is the reaction of the local middle school boys soccer team. Leif was at the school with my wife a couple of weeks back while I was in hospital. She and Leif walked across the soccer pitch as the boys practiced. One or two of the boys patted Leif and the next day won their game.

Do you see where this is leading?

The next week the same happens. This week the boys asked for Leif to watch a home game from the sidelines. We attended, it was fun, the weather cool and nice to be outside. The boys played their hearts out and won in style.

Of course to them their own skill was only the partial cause. Leif was the galvanizing factor.

So anyone out there thinking of applying for a guide dog. Be prepared for celebrity in your midst. Being a lucky charm and losing to the best darn pickers of quarterbacks, tight ends and defensive linemen in the nation.

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