Monday, September 29, 2014

Blindness. A Punishment from God?

Recently I have met several people, who seem to me to have made comments that see my blindness and the blindness of others as a punishment from God.

The thing is they conclude this idea for themselves, making comments like; "You will need to pray for God to forgive you." or "God will let you see eventually, when you accept his love."

But then they fail to ask me, if I see blindness as a punishment.

In short no blindness is not a punishment from God, Nature or any other supernatural source. Blindness is just something that can happen, accident, illness or deliberate injury. Blindness happens.

If God wanted to punish me, blindness would not be they way to do that. In fact for me, my blindness has been a positive matter in my life.

I cannot think of one area of my life which has not changed for the better now I have become blind.

This is not to say there are not times when blindness can bring about frustration. But frustration is fleeting. Punishment is long lasting and interminable. Punishment is demoralizing and leads you away from life. Blindness doesn't do any of these things.

Those who have said that my blindness is a punishment are often surprised when I say that I see blindness as a blessing. They think that I must be mad. After all I now live in a world of the sighted but I cannot see.

But I do live in a sighted world. Of course I do. But I LIVE. Blindness took away my sight, nothing else. I have memories, friends, a loving family and a handsome guide dog. That most of those came after I went blind is for me the blessing.

If God had wanted to punish me would He have given me all those things?

Blindness raises a lot of fear in those who are not familiar with blind people.  In the end don't let others perceptions of what you are be your guide. Look to your own knowledge about yourself and your life to create you world. You don't even have to believe in a Christian God, you can believe in whatever you like, as long as you are happy and comfortable with your own blindness, it is not a punishment, it is just a part of you and frustrating as it is there is a great deal to be positive about.

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