Saturday, August 9, 2014

Free U.S. Currency Readers for the Blind and Disabled

The U.S. Government will be providing free currency readers to all elligible U.S. Citizens and legal residents later this year.

In the first wave any blind or disabled person, citizen or legal resident and registered with the National Library Service, sometimes known as the Library for the Blind and Disabled , may call the NLS Currency Reader Number and they will be supplied with their reader through the mail, just as they would receive their books.

The first phase begins September 2, 2014. To obtain a reader in this first wave check out the details at the Free Currency Reader Website.

From January 2, 2015 all other US citizens and legal residents  who are elligible can apply to receive a Free currency reader under the same program.

I would recommend anyone who is not already a member of the National Library Service to join.

All you need is to be able to prove disability and you can receive a basic book reader, free books and also access to the Library of Congress BARD website, which has thousands of audio books ready to download as MP3 files to a flash drive which can be read on any compatable reader, all for Free or at very little cost, you do need to buy a flash drive  to store books on and you may also buy a upgraded reader such as the Victor Reader Stream New Generation   for the playback of books.

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