Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Do You Like to Play Card Games?

Do you like to play card games?

Are you a whizz at Bridge? Have a hot hand at Poker? Or just enjoy a little Solitaire?

A few days ago I was going over some recent photographs of Leif, my guide dog, and saw this picture which I added to a set of Large Register Playing Cards from Bicycle.

You can buy the cards which are ideal for visually impaired people by following the link below.

Leif and Flag Playing Cards 

The large print numbers and face card identifiers make it easy to identify your hand. The cards are the quality product that you have come to know from the Bicycle brand. I have had a similar pack of cards for two  years now and they are still very usable.

Also Available from my Zazzle Store:

Eagle and Flag Large Register Playing Cards from Bicycle

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