Friday, June 20, 2014

Breakthrough With Smart Glasses to Aid the Blind

The British newspaper the  "Daily Telegraph" has reported a new breakthrough with smart glasses technology which may eventually aid the blind to see.

Today's article Smart Glasses Allow Blind to See Guide Dogs for First Time discusses use of new technology developed by scientists at the Nuffield Institute, part of Oxford University in England.

The glasses cannot help those with no residual vision, they appear to be vision enhancers. The glasses create black and white images which some blind people can see, then outlines the items directly in the persons vicinity enabling them to avoid dangerous items and allow some facial features to be recognized.

I am drawn to the idea of at some future time being able to put on some high tech pair of glasses that would enhance my vision, it is possibly the guy thing. A gadget. A hope of independence.

But then I start to think with my heart. What would life be like without Leif, my guide dog?  Would I be happier with a new pair of glasses instead of that cute black rascal who shares my life, 24 hours a day.

My heart says, Leif is  much more to me than a pair of glasses could ever be.

We'll have to see where the glasses thing goes. If it will move forward and change from a large box on ones head to something chique and fashionable. Time will tell, the glasses will get smaller and the technology will be hidden.

Maybe in time I could even enjoy the old tech alongside the new tech. Who Knows?

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Where is Your Ideal City for a Blind Person to Live?

Usually at this time of year, my wife  and I  look towards the long summer that is rapidly approaching, with its 100 degree plus temperatures and sky high electricity bills and wish to move somewhere cooler.

Normally I think of the coastal towns here in California.

But then I got to thinking.

Here we have a great resource, you, my readers.

Where do you recommend as a good place for blind people to live?

I would ask some real feedback on this question. Don't just name a city.

Tell me and everyone else why you recommend the city. Tell us about, transport, entertainment, job opportunities or access to resources.

Sell the city of your choice.

Send your answer in our comment section. Remember it could be read by hundreds of other people, not just me.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Thoughts of a Guide Dog: 2

I am on my travels again. We went to a town called Parkfield recently, Parkfield is in Central California and for what I could tell there is a nice valley with lots of little buildings belonging to someone called USGS.

William tells me it is all San Andreas' Fault.

Whatever this San Andreas does it must be important. I'll have to look up my brother Langley to get some info. Langley knows lots about everything.

Anyway. William tries to design stuff, so he was dressed in a T-shirt he designed and took the picture for, years and years ago. At some place called Gettysburg. Looks a nice place. Humans had a battle there once. Anyway the shirt is black with some photograph that William, aka "Bill Board" says is a  ghost. Brrrr scarry!

On top of his head he also had his "Guide Dog  Team at Work" hat, which I must say his version is very bright yellow.  So anyone can see him coming for miles. Well those who look where they are going can see him.

You can see  his T-shirt here: Gettysburg Ghost Shirt

You can find the hat here:  Guide Dog Team at Work Hat

"OK Bill Board. I've done the ad portion of  this post  so how about some kibble in here!"

Parkfield is a really cool place though, nice shade trees and a great little cafe in a real log cabin. I could have sat in there all day. There where some great smelling burgers. Real grass fed beef the waitress told me. mmmmm my mouth was watering so much I made a little puddle.

Will have to remember to blame San Andreas for that too.

Here is a pic of "Bill Board" and me, the cute black fur person beside him.

guide dog, parkfield, san andreas fault
William and Leif the Guide Dog, Parkfield CA. May 2014

I do get to do a lot of things outside of my day job. Which is fun.. I also meet lots of great people who always want to say hello, scratch my ears and just talk to me. Being as cute and special as I and my other Guide Dog friends are means we are very visible. Though I and William like all the fuss, please remember that every guide dog team is different. Please ask the Human if you can say hello to their dog, and don't be offended if they say no. They are the expert with their dog and they don't want
 them to lose concentration  while working.

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Thank you.

Leif, the Guide Dog

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