Friday, May 2, 2014

Shoe Time for Doggies

This last week has been pretty warm here in Central California. Temperatures have hit the high 80's on several days and even approached the 90's.

That is of course togh on us humans. But for Guide Dogs it can mean disaster.

I am not talking of the obvious danger of overheating, from being out in the sun.

The heat we feel is mostly air temperature, hot in the air five or six feet above the ground can be blisteringly  hot on the surface. Burning hot on tough but delicate paws.

So last week-end I dug out the doggie boots, that Guide Dogs provided us with last November.

While it is about the time doggies who have had a freezing winter to endure are casting off their boots for a season or two, dogs like Leif must now endure the indignity of wearing boots.

Leif hates his boots, he walks like a trotting horse. High lifting gate with each paw thumping hard into the ground. Looks funny but better than a dog with blistered paws.

He will get used to them in a few weeks I am certain of that. But in the meantime we raise a smile from some passers by.

A blind man and his doggie in red boots is a pretty remarkable sight I am sure.

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