Friday, May 23, 2014

Guide Dog Care

One of the basic needs of a guide dog is grooming.

Though it is true that working Guide Dogs have a right of entry to public places such as buildings, taxis and other public transport, a guide dog that is not clean and properly groomed can legitimately be refused entry.

I personally choose to groom Leif daily, he gets a light grooming with a Kong Zoom Groom.

The  Kong Zoom Groom is ideal. It is made of rubber and fits nicely in my hand.

Kong Zoom Groom
I use long sweeping movements down Leif's back from his neck to the top of his tail, and repeat these movements down either flank.

The soft bristles of the Zoom Groom collect lots of dead fur and also add a shine to his coat as they disperse the natural oils he produces across his body.

Thanks to the great handling he received as a puppy in his training days he loves to be groomed and he will often move about so I can get to both sides easily.

Sometimes he will seem to enter an almost trance like state.

After just a few sweeps of the Zoom Groom, it looks like this:

See how effective the Kong Zoom Groom is?

This was remember just one days fur, both his soft under coat and course top coat fur has been lifted.

All that is left to do is to give him a quick finishing brush with a soft bristle hand brush to finish.

The Kong Zoom Groom is quickly cleaned as the fur pulls straight off the teeth to be disposed of easily.

For day to day dog care the Zoom Groom is probably the most useful item in my dog care kit. I love it and so does Leif.

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