Sunday, April 20, 2014

Do Uber Taxi Drivers Refuse to Carry Passengers with Guide Dogs?

I was reading an article on the San Francisco Lighthouse blog about complaints against Uber Taxi drivers who have refused to carry blind passengers with their guide dogs. Read "Have you been Refused Service?

In this day and age it just seems counter productive to refuse services to any person for whatever reason, as long as their request is legal of course.

In general service dogs such as guide dogs are well mannered, they are groomed regularly, kept clear of parasites such as fleas. Guide Dogs for the Blind even provide their graduates with a free supply of anti-Tick and Flea treatments  every year for the service life of their dog.

I have travelled on public transport many times with Leif, my Black Labrador Guide Dog, the greatest problem we generally cause is the clamour of oo's and ahhh's as people reach to praise and stroke him. The one time we travelled in a taxi, the driver was great, he made sure of taking corners gently and helped us both in and out of his taxi. Of course he  rewarded with a healthy tip and a thank you lick from Leif.

Come on Uber Taxi drivers, think of all those well paid blind people out their, grateful to have a driver who is honestly helpful, courtious and willing to carry them to a destination.

So you may have to roller over the back seat occasionally with a lint roller. But think of your bottom line, the cash, the tips and proving you are decent.

Did you know Guide Dogs are not required to sit on the seat, in fact they are trained to sit  on the floor, beside the handler or between the handlers legs.

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