Monday, February 3, 2014

Thoughts of a Guide Dog by Leif

It is the evening  of Sunday February 2, 2014.

I am in the Dog House, erm office.

Dad says I was a naughty pup and ordered me out. I am tried and convicted without due course.

My friends, this was my side of the story.

Dad and Mum, were watching something called a Superbowl on television. Some men running after a ball, I think. Sounds fun and wish they'd let me do that. But I digress.

Dad had asked for dinner to be Hot Dogs and Saukraut. He said something about the Bears not being around but no harm eating in memory of the Bears, anyway.

Mum served up some stuff. Smelled great and looked like a nice version of my Gonut toy. But smelled really good. So I got closer and closer to dad. Well of course so as to gain the full benefit of my great sniffer I opened my mouth and some of dads Gonut thing just happened to fall between my teeth.

I pulled away in shock and a piece of the gonut thing broke off. This really shocked me as my rubber gonut never breaks, as hard as I try to bite it.

Dad's gonut tasted really strange  but nice.

So there we are eye to eye over dad's gonut. Each of us with  our respective mouths around opposite ends. Of course he doesn;t see me, just feels the tug of my teeth and the cold of my nose on his fingers. Er.  Drat. I'm for it now!

In a flash he shouted at me to drop his hot dog. So that was a hot dog? I thought. A human gonut.

Anyway. Here I am now banished to my bed in the office. Alone and fully convicted of a misunderstanding.

Leif the Guide Dog.

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