Monday, January 27, 2014


Happiness is a very transient feeling.

You may be happy with your team winning a Superbowl.

You may be happy with the love of your partner.

You may be happy because you have a dream job.

I am happy because I have a couple of these things. But also because Leif is just a great dog.

He is, at this very moment sunning himself outside in my back yard. He loves the sun, he comes to me occasionally warm, soft and not a little dusty. It is the last week of January and warm enough for my crazy guide dog to sun bathe.

There are times when working Leif can be a frustration. He is very intelligent and quick to pick up on my moments of distraction.

But when we get to work together in harmony then it is the most wonderful experience. Working with a dog so closely is one of the greatest causes of happiness in my life, did you notice Life is an anagram of Leif? 

Many guide dog users talk of a life changing bond between themselves and their dog. As we come up to our three month anniversary, I can really see this bond developing.

For me then today, happiness is my wonderful wife, my great job and a short black Labrador Retriever named Leif. My guide dog.

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