Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Leif Says Hello and Asks Santa for his Presents.

This time of year is full of excitement at work, a great treat for the children of our library district was a visit from "Father Christmas".
Even Leif himself got to star in the show, starring alongside Snoopy the Beagle from Peanuts. O.K. Snoopy was his cartoon self on our library backdrop. The backdrop of a winter scene of Snoopy slleping on his kennel beside a Christmas tree was made by aids and children at a local school. It was great and added something extra special to the Christmas feeling.
Father Christmas had Leif beside him, as one child asked  "Why the dog? Where are the reindeer?" The reindeer were of course resting at home preparing for their busy night on the 24th. Leif was there to assist Santa and make notes for the good list, striking off any bad behavior from the naughty list for any child who said he was cute.
Leif's gift request included, tug toys, kibble, treats, lots of belly rubs and of course more food.
Leif loved meeting all the children. Taking all of the fuss in his stride, not bad for a twenty-two month old. For Santa, well it was a relief to end the day, hot and stuffy under all that hair and fleece.
The most memorable thing for me though will be the small boy, about five years old who was so fascinated with Santa that he kept tapping him on the end of the nose with a huge onange balloon made into a sword. All the time he was telling Santa how good he had been all year, his balloon sword was going tap, tap, tap on the end of Santa's nose.  LOL

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