Thursday, December 5, 2013

"I Want a Doggy With a Handle!"

Leif in Harness
and Ready for Work.
In the past I have often quited small children and their comments in my presence on blindness.
One thing to guarantee the attention of any young child is a good looking dog in an unexpected place. The other week-end my wife and I were doing some Christmas shopping and we stopped for lunch in a Mimi's Restaurant. We were preparing to leave and I called Leif from under the table where he had been laying throughout lunch.
At the next table was a young couple with their daughter, whom I would say was about three years old. She squealed with excitement. "Ooooh! Doggy."
I smiled over to them and nodded and the little girl's mother told her that Leif was a working dog. My wife asked if the little girl wanted to say Hello to Leif, as her mother brought her over.
Leif sat quietly as the little girl stroked his head andgiggled at his soft floppy ears.
After a few moments the little girl full of excitement, ran back to their table to tell her father of the exciting news. Meeting a guide dog.
Then with great delivery she finished her story of meeting Leif with the cry. "Daddy. I want a doggy with a handle."

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