Sunday, December 15, 2013

Doctor Visits Will Never Be the Same Again

Leif the Guide Dog
Going to the doctor used to be so, well, shall we say under-whelming.
I would go, sign in, see a nurse or assistant then a doctor for a minute or two then make a new appointment and leave.
Now going to the doctor's with Leif brings about a whole new experience.
As we walk into the doctors waiting room, there are often gasps  "A dog is in the room!" Other patients often stop me to compliment me on this handsome dog. Receptionists stand on chairs to look over the counter to see Leif, often standing like a sad school boy, his head up against the counter as if he is being wickedly punished for some misdemeanor.
Often in recent weeks just getting in to see the doctor has meant a whole retinue of Leif fans among nurses and medical assistants, patting him on the head or even offering an occasional tummy rub, to the most handsome guide dog in the building.
Doctors are not immune to the Leif effect either, those big brown eyes solefully looking pitifully up at them leave them cooing and patting him under the chin.
Going to the doctor is definitely coming to be a big event in our lives.  I am glad to say everyone seems to fall in love with this slight, handsome black lab.

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