Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nine Days till Dog Day

Here it is, The last weekend before I leave for guide dog training at San Rafael.

My wife and I spent Saturday shopping for last minute items to pack. A couple of shirts that I want to take need new buttins which we needed to buy. I needed some bathroom supplies, like cleaning solution for my electric razor and socks. I found one of my new shoes might leak a little from the tongue of the sohoe when I walked through a stream from a garden sprinkler the other evening. A sprinkler is not nearly as severe as a rain shower, but as the top of my foot got quite uncomfortably wet, my wife insisted new socks were an urgent requirement. Now I have at least two pairs of socks per day. Hope we don't get that much rain.

We also went for lunch at a favorite tempanyaki restaurant. I was not certain if there may be restrictions on a guide dog being able to go to tempanyaki, as they are after all food preparation places as well as restaurants. My wife asked about the allowing of guide dogs into the tempanyaki restaurant as opposed to the normal restaurant. The manager told her, guide dogs go there all of the time with no problem. So sounds good for tempanyaki after I get my dog too.

We also went to see the movie "Rush". I used to love watching motor racing in England, especially formula one. The movie tells of the battle between James Hunt and Nikki Lauda in the 1976 Formula One season championship. Being a Ron Howard directed movie it also sparked my interest, I loved Apollo 13. According to my wife there were rather a lot of grpaphic sex scemes, Hunt was a playboy type after all. Funny enough I hardly saw a thing, but loved the roar of those thundering formula one engines. 

A long day shopping and dinner with a movie, set the tone nicely for the weekend. Now only eight days to dog day and we just have to finish packing.

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