Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbus Day and Just Seven Days till Dog Day

Ah. A nice relaxing Monday.

Today so far I have revised the MP3 files for guide dog training. This is probably my final run through all the MP3 files because I have to work the rest of the week and the files take several hours to listen too in their entirety.

I have also cleaned some books in breaks from the class lectures. I have a good assortment of books to send off to Amazon for my online bookstore. Hopefully these will arrive in the middle of next week and go onto my storefront and be available in the Amazon marketplace a day or two later.

I also managed to give myself an irritating paper cut on my finger as I assembled some mailing boxes for my book consignment.

All the time though I have had one ear out for the telephone. I am expecting a call for someone in the guide dog instructors program to call me for a final interview/assessment prior to next week. Today would be a great day to get that call. But all I know is that it should be sometime this week.

So for all of you out there. Have a good Columbus Day, and to Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving.

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