Thursday, October 3, 2013

18 Days till Dog Day

The days are now quickly counting down.

On Monday afternoon I received a call from the admissions office at Guide Dogs. The call was to arrange travel to the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus on October 20.

I live only three or four hours drive from the campus and have long planned to have my wife drive me to San Rafael.

Monday's call could have arranged flights to San Francisco or travel by train or other ground transport, too. Bear in mind all travel, except getting there in ones own car is paid for by Guide Dogs. You do not need to worry about costs of getting there.

Late yesterday afternoon I received a confirmation e-mail, regarding my travel plans.

They also informed me to arrive between 2 and 4pm on the Sunday. My room will be assigned to me on Friday October 18 so I can pass on any details to relatives who may want my room number or phone number.

I have also started to prepare my packing list. As laundry facilities are provided, I don't need to take two weeks supply of clothing, but I need to plan for a variety of weather conditions including rain, which I am not really used to anymore after living seven years in near desert conditions here in the San Joaqin Valley.

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