Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thirty-Five Days to Dog Day

It never seems to get any shorter.

I spent Monday, the five week or thirty-five days to Dog Day travelling to and from Fresno for a blood test. Seven hours on a bus with a total of eleven and a half hours away from home, for a blood test that takes all of five minutes to draw.

I hate that trip, the blood draw trip, I have to make it every three months or so. Back in the days when I had to see my retinologist more often it was an easy stop to go and do the blood draw while I was across the street. Now with less visits to my retinologist, I guess I am just going to have to get used to this long day.

The funny thing is I also have a similar blood draw for my general practitioner every month, here in town att his office. The doctor I have to see in a few weeks time, an endochrinologist, insists that I have to travel to their office to do a blood draw for them too, "the results of my own doctors blood draw are not quite compatable with their requirements."

Aaaaarrrrrrggggh! What they really mean is they want to claim the cash for the blood work for themselves. It does not matter to them that I have to spend a day travelling, "It doesn't really take seven hours to travel from there?" Well it does when you have to get a bus which to be viable has to drive over 150 miles to mak a 60 mile journey. I would have a great view of the Central Valley's grape crop, if I could see. I pass every grape vine and see the bare branches transform over the year to dark heavily leafed fruit laden vines by the beginning of October, when the harvest comes to full swing around here.

Now despite being desperately tired from the journey, my head throbbing with the noise of a creaking, groaning bus. I cannot sleep.

Well at least. We are now thirty-four days to dog day.

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