Saturday, September 7, 2013

Stepping Out Alone

While it is nice to walk in the morning, just to go around the block seemed a little boring today.

In the end I decided to take a little bit of a hike across town to the local diner. It has been several months since I did this walk and this morning, as the sun peeped over the Sierra Nevada. I headed off across town to gget some breakfast.

The streets were very quiet at 6:30am. If you ever go out when the streets are quieter than you usually experience you will know that it is actually very disorienting. You have no real cues as to direction and position of streets.  The occassional car or truck passing by helps keep you on some sort of a track.

As the direction from my home to the diner is more or less South, one trick /I am able to use is keeping the light of the sun on my left in the morning. Though blind I can see enough light to enable me to determine which direction the light comes from.

So with the hunger in my belly growing, I marched across town, my mouth watering as I imagined steak and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Even better is the fact that the food actually tasted mucgh better than I had imagined.

I will have to do that walk more often.

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