Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day and 49 Days to Dog Day

So passes Labor Day, the last day of Summer for American Tourists.

Working Hard on Labor Day 2013

Well I believe that in the Northeast United States things now ramp up for leaf peeping season. That is going to see all the beautiful colors of the leaves before they fall in the next couple of months, then Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Here in the valley, Central California we usually still have a couple more months of quite high temperatures. 80 or 90 is not unusual into November.

Anyway, How did I spend Labor Day? Busy working. I had a couple of orders for eBay sales to process and a box load of books to prepare for shipment to

With only 49 days to go to Dog Day I am building a stockpile of books on my Amazon seller account because I will not be able to process items from home as I have done for part of this year.

Going to the Guide Dogs training school at the end of October means I have to take two weeks unpaid leave from my usual day job, so as two weeks without any wages is pretty painful to the wallet region. Amazon and eBay will have to step up to the plate and pull -in some extra cash for me I hope.

When we are back we will have to look at maintaining the business as in the past few months Amazon in particular has been quite a good source of extra income, eBay is a bit erratic.

As for the preparation homework for Guide Dogs, I have read and re-read the instruction manuals four times , with some of what I think of as major points of interest being read several more times, just so I can quite it chapter and verse.

So passed Labor Day. 49th Day till Dog Day. It is nice to think that I can sethe end of the tunnel. Or maybe its an express freight train coming down the tunnel. LOL


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