Monday, September 30, 2013

A Call from Guide Dogs for the Blind

I spent Saturday quietly at home. My wife was out of town helping to look after a friends young son. I elected to just stay home as handling both a nine year old and me is a little too much to expect for anyone.

As Saturday afternoon slowly ticked by the telephone rang. I expected it to be my wife, but was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a member of the nursing staff at Guide Dogs for the Blind.

The nurse was very pleasant. Asked me if it was ok to discuss my medical requirements at that time. It was and so I drew up a chair and we proceeded to go over the doctors reports from earlier in the year.

Of course some of the data was out of date as various new test results have surpassed the old results given in the doctors notes, some are still pending as I see a couple of my doctors over the next week.

All in all the interview lasted about ninety minutes, so as you can tell pretty comprehensive. We also discussed my activity on a day to day basis. I have been preparing with a regime of regular walking and also treadmill work to increase my general stamina. Walking about five miles per day.

All of this work seemed to be just what Guide Dogs require. The nurse seemed quite happy with the information and also took the opportunity to tell me about clothing requirements for my scheduled training period.

Dress for temperatures between the mid 60's F. and 90 F.  Take at least two pairs of worn in shoes, you don't want to walk with a guide dog for a prolonged period in brand new shoes. Also take a more dressy shirt and trousers for graduation day. Tennis shoes are ok, but many graduates often take a more dressy pair of shoes too, I think I will do just that too.

Next I expect a call from a trainer. That I think will come in the final week before training.

Now as I prepare to pack and the days tick down to hours, I am starting to feel that I am really on my way.

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