Thursday, August 22, 2013

Silence means I am Updating!

Walking is great exercise.  Walking in company is even better.

My wife was getting a little bored just watching me on the treadmill for the last three weeks. So last Saturday she suggested we did some real walking before we go to work, beginning last Monday.

I agreed even though it meant we start a 5:15am, in the darkest part of night before the dawn. Night vision for me was never good, but the dark of this part of night  makes for complete blackness for me.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were ok for me. Whenever I leave home I always turn left. I could walk and talk at the same tme.

This morning, my wife suggested we turn right instead.

"Er, Right. O.K." I muttered and then descended into complete silence. After about twenty minutes I heard a rather upset voice.

"So, are you not speaking to me?"

"No, I mean Yes, I am speaking," I said.

"No you're not." Came the reply.

We then continued on for another thirty minutes in near silence.

My wife knows me. But at times I think she doesn't always understand what is happening. Possibly you know sighted people too, who read the wrong signals from you.

This morning for instance, it wasn't anger at my wife that lead to the silent walk. It was merely the need to concentrate. I could not work with my already familiar map. Our  turning right instead of left outside of the house left me in total confusion, the world I move through with ease was in the other direction. The world ahead was unfamiliar and sometimes scary.

All the concentration in the world was needed at that time to move me along our walk.

Silence does not always means displeasure. Silence may just mean I am updating a whole new world map and it may  take me sometime to reply.

Tell your friends to picture the little hour glass on your face. Active but busy.

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