Monday, August 12, 2013

Seventy Days Till Dog Day

So here we are just ten weeks, seventy Days until Dog Day. The day when I will meet my guide dog for the very first time.

So how am I coping with the very real expectation of getting a guide dog?

Well to be honest, if my wife had told me she was expecting a baby I could not be more excited.

Yesterday for instance, my wife and I went for a drive to the coast. Going through Paso Robles I knew we would pass a PetCo store. So as calmly as I could I suggested we go in to just look around, price food and stuff.

She humored me. I bet she saw straight through the cute smile that I tried to pull and the pleading eyes. Just need to price stuff. Oh! Yes really?

So nearly two hours later we had looked at beds for the dog, food, toys, grooming kits, toothpaste (for the dog). " I don't want to be kissed by a dog  who's breath smells of liver!" she  squeeled. We wandered, "Look at this", "Isn't this cute?" "Can I get him or her ...?"

In the end I broke. My hands full of  dog toys and books.

Books! "You can't even read them!" "No. But they have all sorts of stuff 'YOU' can read about and tell me." I say as cutely as I can.Slowly putting all but one tug toy and book back on the shelf. {sigh}

Today I also called the city council offices to check bus fares for the bus into Fresno. I use the bus to get to many of my doctor appointments and wondered if there is a charge for taking my guide dog with me. The good news is that there is NO charge for a guide dog. I still pay a full fare on a inter-city transit bus but travel free on the local dial -a-ride bus.

There it is we are now in the last week of double digits in my countdown, not that I am really counting. Oooops! a pig just crashed from the sky. LOL

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