Sunday, August 18, 2013

Insomniac's Delight: What to do now I Cannot Sleep

It is the very early morning of Sunday August 18. Three o'clock in the morning to be exact.

I have talked about insomnia caused by blindness in the past.

I am now quite comfortable in my pattern of insomnia. It is possible to have a good guess as to when my sleep pattern will flip from almost normal to getting little sleep at night and being tired in the day. For me it seems to occur every six to seven weeks, 42 to 49 days.

Tonight is a flip over night and the cycle will begin again.

Going to bed very early later today and then struggling to sleep past two in the morning.

In a couple of months I should be back to sleeping well at night and being able to concentrate in the day. Good thing really as that puts me in guide dog school at just the right time.

So has tonight been a waste of time?

No. I took the opportunity to write this blog, put an item on eBay and made some investigations to price some old textbooks on Turns out that though most of these textbooks are now updated by a new edition they are still being sold as new books by amazon itself and used booksellers, so I'll give it a go if only to clear my bookshelves of some old books from my college days.

My college days by the way are just six years ago. I went to school again in 2007 at the age of forty-five, at about the same time as I started to lose my sight in my left eye.

It took me just four years to get my Bachelor's  degree with honors (Suma cum laude) in History and political science. So any of you out there who want to take a degree and feel it is something you cannot achieve, believe me you can.

I not only had to overcome the blindness problem. At 45 I was definitely the oldest person in most of my community college classes, even some of the teachers were younger than me. Also I did not know how the U.S. education system worked, very differently from my experience back home in England. But with the help of my wife, I got through all the hoops.

Then of course I used my insomnia times to study, listen to my textbooks, scan my books and prepare my essays.

Insomnia, like blindness does have some positive sides to it.

Thanks for reading.

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