Friday, August 9, 2013

How are the Exercises Going?

A few weeks back I told you of a new exercise regime to build up my stamina for going to guide dog training in October.

I was doing pretty well with my walking up until the third week in July. My too close of an encounter with a storm drain took me out of walking much for ten days. Because of a lower back sprain I am now scheduled for some physical therapy starting next week.

But I also sort of jumped the gun a little with training. I hopped onto my treadmill ten days ago. I could barely make two miles per hour for ten minutes at the beginning of August. Thatt was tough going for a couple of days.I did three sessions of ten minutes over the space of the day. Before breakfast, after getting home from work and last thing before going to bed at night.

I increased the times after a few days, measured on a $5 kitchen timer from Target stores. I increased the time about two minutes after three days then a further three minutes last Tuesday to fifteen minutes per session. Now I do fifteen minutes before breakfast and two twenty minute sessions later in the day.

I have also increased my speeds a good portion. Now my warm up speeds are 2.4 miles per hour and five or ten minutes at 3.0 miles per hour with a 2.5 amd 2 miles per hour cool down.

My goal is to increase endurance times on the second and third exercise periods to forty-five minutes each with at least twenty minutes at 3.5 miles per hour by mid October when I go to San Rafael.

With a bad back pulling a little still but recovering quickly I think that is manageable in ten weeks.

Will have to see what the physical-therapists say on Monday.

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