Thursday, August 15, 2013

Accompanying my Wife to the Doctor

Over the Summer my wife had to have a biopsy on some growths on her thyroid. The biopsy procedure was pretty uncomfortable, but even worse was the waiting to hear the results from the doctor as to whether the growths are benign or cancerous.

As she had made her appointment to see the doctor for the results on a Monday I was able to go along with her. I am not one who usually goes into the doctor with her. But on this occasion I asked if it was alright. Just in case of bad news.

Going into the doctor there was a long flight of staire, about twenty steps, alongside was a ramp, but I am happy going up the stairs, coming down is a bit more difficult so we decided to save the ramp until later.

I took up my usual method of climbing stairs, find the top of the second step and let the cane swing loosely in between my thumb and forefinger to let the cane tap the back of each step. When you reach the top of the stairs you don't feel or hear the tap. Simple.

About half way up the flight of stairs I hear my wife talking to someone. An old woman.

"Is your father ok climbing stairs?" I hear the old woman ask.

"My Husband is fine." My wife answer's.

"Husband? I thought he was your father." The other woman answered.

"I married young." My wife replied.

By this time I could hear her stifling a giggle. She was loving it. She doesn't look her age anyway. She hasn't aged a bit since we married. Bear in mind the source here. LOL.

Anyway of course "Dad" has become her favorite word. "This way, Dad!", "One more step. DAD!" Haha very funny.

Of course the benefit of having a nice looking wife who looks half my age makes me look like some old Hollywood Tycoon. Yeah. Right.

The really great news though was the growths are benign. Nothing to worry about.

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