Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week-End Break

As botha week-end break and as an escape from the heat in the valley (110+ Fahrenheit), my wife and I took a trip to Santa Cruz, CA.

The breezes over there still had a cooling effect at just about 80 degrees Fahrenheit but nighttime temperatures below 60 degrees made for a good nights sleep.

The beaches were full of people who had taken upon the same idea of a trip to the coast to escape the extreme heat inland. Normally a pleasant stroll along a relatively quiet beach was more like a walk through a heaving mass of humanity, so for most of the week-end we stayed off the beach itself.

On our one trip to the beach, my cane became an absolute wonder to dozens of small children.

Small children are not bashful as to expressing wonder at that man, poking the ground with a stick. "Is he looking for something?" "Can I do that?

One little girl about two years old was so fascinated that she walked over to my cane and with both hands grabbed at the tip. She picked it up and then banged it on the floor to see what it was.  I just let go of the handle and watched in amazement. For all off two minutes The little girl examined my cane before my wife distracted her back to the little girls own toy ball.

It appears a ball attached to a cane is far more fascinating than a boring old beach ball.

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