Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Preserve Us From Prius'

Walking is good for you. Even walking across town in mid ninety degree heat is ok after one hundred and ten degrees. I am building stamina for guide dog training in October. Walking the mile and half from work to home now takes me just twentry-eight minutes with a cane.

When I learned to use my cane, my instructor told me not to worry about hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius. "They still make road noise, with the tyres." he said happily.

OK. So walking home yesterday I crossed a street outside our local college. Crossing with traffic noise of passing trucks and heavy semi's passing.

My cane clicked and rolled over the roadway, then the cane suddenly became heavy. Three feet in front of me rolling onto the crossing in front of me was a Prius.

The driver was turning right on red as is legal at the junction. Obviously in a hurry they ignored the prospect of a collision with a blind man crossing. Silent and shark like the Prius rolled over my cane tip, I had caught the front of the tyre as I felt my way over the crossing. The driver left me standing mid crossing as the traffic control counted down to "Don't Cross."

So in our prayers maybe we should ask to be preserved from silent, electric hybrids. God bless lovely noisy diesels.  LOL

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