Friday, July 19, 2013

Plans for the Rest of the Year

We are now rapidly moving into the middle of Summer, here in the Northern Hamisphere anyway.

The years now just fly by, I am looking at a fifty-second birthday this coming September. Almost twelve years since I began to go blind.

This Summer I have helped with several adult reading programs at my local library. It is a community project for the sighted mostly, I doubt if most people who are taking part in the Summer Reading program even know that some of the side programs, a talk on coffee tasting by the manager of our local Starbucks, book club or Summer movies were partly arranged by a blind man.

By the way, if you can get a group of friends together, see if you can get a lesson on coffee tasting at your local Starbucks from one of their managers or baristas. I was surprised by how many things affect the taste of coffee in your cup. Also learned a portion of what all that jargon of ordering coffee really means.

The Summer reading program ends on August 1, with a prize draw for a Kindle Fire and a movie. As the theme was food and drink for the Summer Reading Programs our movie will be Tortilla Soup. A good movie I believe.

At the end of August I will teach an Immigration and Citizenship class again. That runs for six weeks. Also I continue leading the Library Book Club and we will see a classic movie too. The Seven Year Itch with Marilyn Monroe. The movie which contains the scene where her skirt blows up in a subway draft.

September has more classes and movie and book club features.

October sees me away for two weeks training at San Rafael with my new Guide Dog. Really looking forward to that.

November sees me looking to train my new dog to learn the routes to work, then meeting everyone at home, my wife, her parents and her Uncle's family. My wife's uncle will also be my dogs new veterinarian.

December is exciting, the library does a small show for the children of the town, an entertainer followed by a visit from Santa Claus. Guess who is hoping to return as Santa again this year.

I was Santa in 2011, and was scheduled to be Santa last year but because of my stroke the doctor wouldn't release me as fit enough. Hopefully this year, I get to play my part again.

The year is flying. But it is full of lots of exciting prospects. I am looking forward to all of it.

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