Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence on Independence Day

Hello Everyone, to all my readers in the U.S.A. Happy Independence Day, for everyone else hope you are having a great July 4.

Being blind we know what it is like to in many ways become dependent. Need to go somewhere out of town, often we need to ask someone to drive us, need to buy a specific item in a store then you need to ask an assistant to help, tried that lately? Go to an unfamiliar restaurant for a meal, then you need someone to tell you what is on the menu, unless you read Braille and they are thoughtful enough to provide a Braille menu.

I dream of the days when I could drive. I loved driving, I even worked as a driver for several years. Going where I liked, choosing a route to suit me, I loved the independence.

I can do many things for my self, walk, wash, even work. So I am not totally dependent. Not all the time.

I cannot always travel where I want. Living in a small town, we only have one bus to the nearest city per day and that doesn't run today even the bus driver needs a break for the day.

With the recent news that I will be getting a Guide Dog in the Fall, the commonest term used to describe that event is the giving of independence. I can see that it will be a major change.

I will gain the independence to go some new places. The dog gives up some independence in order to help me and be fed and housed.

Independence is a nice thing, if you can enjoy it. I did enjoy it once, now I can't be as independent as I would like, but there again can anyone?

Work, family, just life itself makes for dependence.

Enjoy life whatever it brings.

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