Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ding, Dong, Dell ...

Being in the home of a blind man can be dangerous for a little cat.

My two regular visiting cats, Gavroche ( Orange ) and Eponine ( Jet Black ) are quite visible to me, but over the last few weeks they have been bringing a little kitten with them to the house. She is white and grey, a pretty little thing whom I call Courgette, in part to remind me of the Musical film version of Les Miserable where Sacha Baron Cohen can never remember Collette's name, calling her Courgette on more than one occasion.

The joke often misses with Americans, unless they know that a Courgette is a Zucchini by its French name. The name we use in England.

Anyway, the three cats visit for breakfast daily and this morning was no exception. I made myself some hot tea and put the milk bottle back into the fridge.

I closed the fridge and let the two older cats finish their breakfast. They made their way out onto the porch and I closed the door after them. Supposing the kitten had already left. A few moments later, the air was filled with the sound of a terrified wail. I went to the porch, the two cats had left, and I could still hear the wail from inside the house. I came back in. Looked up and down the hallway. Nothing but the wailing continued. Making my way across the kitchen the wailing grew louder as I passed the fridge.

No. I hadn't. I couldn't have. Another wail.

I opened the fridge door to see courgette sat on the shelf next to the milk.

She must have jumped into the fridge as I closed the door.

She jumped down and calmly walked to the door,

In these days of 100+ degree temperatures, she was now the coolest cat on the block.

Anew thing that I need to watch for. Kittens in the fridge.

Oh Well! Could be wors. Ding, Dong Dell, Pussey's in the well.


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