Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Avastin or Lucentis?

I recently read an article in Pharma Times which talked about the possible saving to the National Health Service in Britain if Avastin, a cancer drug, were licensed to also treat Wet Macular Degeneration. Saving of using Avastin over Lucentis could amount to 84 Million Pounds. (GBP).

For the past four years I was treated with both drugs, regular monthly injections of either drug were administered by my retinologist.

At times when I had swelling to the retina both drugs usually decreased the swelling within forty-eight hours. I did not generally experience any difference in after treatment results, there was little eye discomfort for about twenty-four hours after the injection. This was a little like the sensation that you ge if you get soap in your eyes.

I generally could see clearly for about five or six weeks though in the past year my retinologist made treatment a four weekly regime in order to prevent the need for emergency treatment.

Because of damage to the optic nerve in my left eye, my retinologist, is now ceasing treatment with these two drugs.

If it comes down to cost I think one can safely use Avastin in place of Lucentis. At a tenth of the cost, according to Pharma Times,  , The less expensive drug works as well as the more expensive one.

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