Friday, July 5, 2013

A Favorite Meal

For our Independence Day outing my wife and I took a trip to the coast. OK in part to escape the 104 degree heat of this California summer.

On the way we stopped at a nice diner to eat lunch. It was a pleasant stop and I was feeling a bit rebellious, given the day and chose a meatloaf sandwich for my lunch.

In itself a meatloaf sandwich is not rebellious, Is it? May be the question you are asking yourself. Well in itself not really but I had plans.

Upon the arrival of my sandwich and fries. An important part of my plan. I scraped the meatlof from the bread and ate the meatloaf separately. Then much to the horror of my wife I placed a handful of the fries on the bread and topped that off with the second slice of bread.

Yippee I made a "chip butty".

The chip butty also known as the chip sandwich in less polite circles is possibly one of  the greatest creations of the British culinary school. Fresh hot chips. aka fries, dripping with melting butter between two slices of bread. Can't imagine why Americans and my wife in particular are so disgusted by the very idea. But given our day of celebrating independent living was upon us, what the ... why not enjoy a great meal. A chip butty and dream of home.

Try a chip butty sometime. it's so good. But use thick cut fries not the stick like things from McDonalds, they don't work as well.

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