Wednesday, July 24, 2013

89 Days to Dog Day

It is now 89 Days to Dog Day. The day I get to meet my first Guide Dog. I was doing pretty well with the walking until last Friday afternoon.

On Friday I decided to try a variation on my route home. this variation took me by a storm drain. For those unfamiliar with the storm drain, they are drains placed in the side of the road and there is a steep ledge around them to drive the rainwater off the road and into the ground.

I knew this drain was there but on my home visit I was told to use the route sometimes as it would be safer than my previous walking route.

Anyway I was walking quite briskly along the side of the street as there was no sidewalk I was in the road.

My cane must have landed just short of the lip into the storm drain because as my right foot came down, I felt my ankle twist over and I almost went down to my knees. In the process, I sort of counter balanced to the left and twisted.

I settled myself, after the stumble and made my way home, with a aching ankle.

Saturday morning however, I could not move. My back muscles had seized up completely and any movement was absolute agony.

I spent the week-end shuffling about the house. Then Monday went to see my doctor. After x-rays to look for possible fractures, at 51 I am old in my doctors terms and bones break more easily. Cheeky puppy!

Diagnosis, muscular spasms caused by the twisting trauma. The body over reacting to the counter balancing.  as he said much more painful than the actual injury. So now I am home for a week, no walking and on muscle relaxants to relieve the muscle spasms.

Not the way I wanted to spend this week at all.

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