Sunday, June 2, 2013

Work: That Terrible Four Letter Word. or a Blessing

I was talking with someone a few days ago. A friend visiting from overseas and we got around to talking about work.

He was surprised that I get so much done. Work part-time, blog, design things to sell, knit and am preparing to learn how to work with a guide dog.

His reaction was that is a lot of work. My suggestion was that it is merely fun and no work at all.

But Didn't I see how much time I  am wasting? With all that work? Wasting? I don't really waste time in my mind. I do something most parts of my waking life. OK I admit a lot of it may not be important. In fact most of it has no importance at all. But neither is it work. I enjoy it all, since no one pays me for most of it, there is no profitable reason to do it.

On the other hand, putting the question back to him, I asked what would he do in my position.

"I cannot even imagine. I need my eyes so much. Maybe I could do nothing at all."

His answer sobered us both up. I do what I can because I can. He sees what I do as work, but on the other side of the coin if I could see. I would do exactly the same things that I do now, with the exception of the guide dog preparation, well maybe there I could volunteer to train a guide dog puppy.

For him work is a four letter word. For me it is a blessing that I can do something.

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