Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last Avastin Injection

At my last retinologist visit, Monday June 24, there was a pretty serious matter to discuss.

Over the past year the Avastin and Lucentis shots in my eye have been getting less and less effective. The injections used to work for several weeks, now there is no improved vision at anytime, in fact the eye is actually now categorized as clinically blind rather than the lesser designation of legally blind.

As a reminder clinically blind refers to a state of total inability to see or detect light.

My retinologist pointed out that now she is questioning the value of giving injections to help my vision.  I knew that this was coming, it has been on my mind for many months now. It just came as a shock that my retinologist was thinking the same way.

I|n the past she has been much more hopeful of treatments, so I take this as a sign she is seeing the condition of my left eye never improving. My right eye I only have partial periferral vision so am still legally blind in that eye. Massive doses of laser treatment in the right eye in 2001-2 has destroyed the macular but it has in part saved the sight on that side. I am able to use some of the periferral vision to look around me but can see little detail.

As the plan now stands my retinologist is stopping monthly injections of Avastin or Lucentis. The condition of my vision will still require monitoring though and  so we could begin with another treatment should one become available.

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