Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Keep in Touch. It can be VERY Important

Over the last six months I have been applying for a Guide Dog. The progress of the last few months that we had made came to a thundering halt at the end of last week.

I had gone through the preliminary interviews and home visit, see my earlier blogs.

All looked set to go ahead until last Thursday, an important document from my mobility instructor had either gone missing or got misplaced. All this really meant was, to me, my application was stalled .

Luckily however my wife was able to get in touch with my mobility instructor while I was out at work and a copy of the required document is even as I wirte, possibly flying through the airwaves to the Guide Dogs office. This completes the application and hopefully all documents are now in place in order to move the application onwards.

All this goes to show the importance of keeping records of people whom you meet and work with you as a blind person.

Being able to contact my mobility instructor directly is much better than having to go through the ranks of the bureaucracy that makes up State Rehabilitation here in California. Ranks of people who only add to time and to the risk that your message will get lost in the meat grinder of information that is government.

Keep all contact addresses of anyone that you may meet along the way. Keep in touch and keep open the lines of communication. Occassions like this missing paper are common and it is much easier to deal with directly than via a myriad of strangers putting in their two cents worth.

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